An internal communication campaign to drive more value from Unilever staff to Thai society. ‘Breeze donated Playground’, launched in 2006, to be promoted again in 2009. It’s bored to death for Unilever staff

Start with building deep experience and involvement by kicking-off a Play week campaign to Unilever staff to see how Playing is important. Then, we create a “This song is for Kids play ground”…


Music Video and encourage Unilever staff to load them onto their notebook and invite Thai people to click to donate to build kids playground for kids in the South region.

Over 2,000 Unilever staff happily joined this campaign.
The campaign move not only Unilever staff but also the nation – achieving PR value over 10 millions Baht.
The music video on Youtube ranked Top 50 in Thailand. More than 2,000,000 in Google.